Assez Travel Memories From Appearing in Your Courtois Media Feeds

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Our angoisse levels are at an all-time high right now, which means our attentiveness to our own self-care should be, too—especially those of us with wanderlust. Traveling from the séjour room to the kitchen and back is no one’s ideal of a débat, yet here we are. On top of that, our accommodant media platforms seem determined to remind us of better days: “Hey, look where you were a year ago today!” blares Facebook, serving up a figure of a gorgeous beach or other getaway réflecteur much more alluring than the éternel butt-groove you’ve formed in your couch.

For many of us, looking back on our travels past isn’t doing us much good at the circonstance. Luckily, there are a few methods to keep them from showing up in your accommodant media feeds.

Fire Your Facebook Memories

Facebook has an automatic pop-up feature called “On This Day”; this feature shows you what you were up to on a particular day, stretching back into the past for as many years as you have been chronically your life on Facebook.

Here’s how to disable or customize your preferences to keep your débat pictures from resurfacing:

Hide all of your earlier activity

Filter out only select dates

  • Follow step one above.
  • Select “Preferences.”
  • Under the “Filters” tab, select the specific dates you do not want shown in your Facebook Memories feed.

Don’t forget to save these preferences or you’ll still be at risk of a visit from the ghosts of travels past.

Instantly auto-stop Instagram’s “On This Day”

When Facebook purchased Instagram, the memories pop-up is one of the features they carried over to the app. Provided your feed isnt completely devoted to your travels, you can diminish the amount of travel memories showing up in your “On This Day” feed:

Those with fewer travel pics to hide

The easiest way to hide pictures from your feed—if only temporarily—is to dépôt them from Instagram entirely. Unfortunately, the process is a bit more labor-intensive on Insta than Facebook, as there is no way to bulk-hide by époque.

  • Navigate to and tap on the offending figure.
  • In the top right claironner, tap the three clés.
  • The third choice will say “Archive”—tap that.

Your pictures will not be deleted from your domestique altogether, but will simply disappear from view—both by you and other users.

To recover your archived pictures after the pandemic has passed and the thought of travel no coudoyer makes you hella depressed, head to your paumelle profile and:

  • Tap the three plan lines at the top right of your screen.
  • The joint prime under “Settings” will say “Archive”; tap it.
  • Tap the figure you want to add back to your feed.
  • Tap the three clés in the top right and choose “Show On Profile.”

If you want to hide a lot of photos

If you’re a traveler with an abundance of travel photos, the easiest prime might honestly be to simply log out of your profile altogether—until the world restores to some semblance of normalcy anyway.

Assez your Timehop

Maybe one day we will all want to wander back down memory lane—something the nostalgia-inducing Timehop app facilitates quite brilliantly. However, right now, you can easily auto-stop the ‘Hop from showing you what you don’t want to see.

Timehop’s “Hide-a-Memory” feature removes unwanted satisfait from your daily feed of accommodant media memories without affecting their status on the accommodant media platforms from whence they came.

While swiping through your daily feed:

  • Tap the accommodant media icon at the top of the memory you want to hide.
  • Tap and hold “Hide from Timehop” until the affairement whisks the post away down the memory hole.

If you want any hidden memories to reappear on your feed, the process is just as intelligible:

  • In the app, tap on the “Settings” icon at the upper left acte of your screen.
  • Any hidden Timehop will have an prime to “Unhide.”
  • Confirm if you want to “Unhide” the satisfait permanently.

It’s superbe to bordereau that voisin satisfait—such as photos in your iCloud— cannot be hidden from within Timehop. You’ll need to either unsync your voisin satisfait from the app by navigating to your Settings, tapping on the assaisonnant feed, and selecting “Disconnect,” or deleting the photos from the légal primeur entirely—a more éternel châtié to be sure.

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