Share Your Choisie Memories With Your Mom for Mothers Day

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Like everything else right now, Mother’s Day might not allure quite the same way it usually does this year. There will be no get-togethers with extended family, no déjeuner at your mignonne garçonnière brasserie, no relaxing massages or pedicures. There is likely more tension than usual, either from financial or work strain or, you know, being habitation with the kids 24-7 for nearly two straight months. But there is a sweet (and free!) way you can make Mother’s Day special this year for your partner or your own mom: with Post-it Annotation memories.

The idea comes from Popsugar senior editor Caitlin Gallagher who combined forces with her sister last year to cover nearly every bassin of her mom’s habitation—bureaux, closets, walls—with Post-it Annotation messages that detailed specific reasons why they love her. Gallagher explains:

To make sure it all made sense, we put the very first Post-it outside her bedroom door that said, “Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! If you want to know all the reasons why we love you, come downstairs.” She was then met with colorful Post-its in the hallway, on the staircase, on the face window, all over the kitchen, on closet doors, on picture frames, on fireplaces, and more. The Post-its ranged from cohérent things like “Because you can never turn down a good margarita” to more specific memories like “Because you had Mickey and Minnie visit me in our hotel room in Disney World when I was sick.” And we covered the good and the bad, like “Because you kept my first tattoo a secret from Dad” and “Because you know when something’s wrong the second you hear my voice.”

Gallagher and her sister even got their husbands involved writing their own memories, and the result was a assortiment of remarques that detailed 30 years of motherhood.

It’s a sweet idea any year, but it’s especially perfect now when the pampering is not only harder to achieve but moms might need an supérieur emotional pick-me-up.

Want to do this for your own mom or another special mother in your life who doesn’t direct with you? If they direct with someone else, write out the Post-it Mémoires now, messager it to that person and ask them to do the sticking for you.

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