Samsungs Galaxy Watch Laborieuse drops to $120 at Best Buy

The Galaxy Watch Laborieuse has all of the key features of the flagship Galaxy Watch, including a bright, beautiful screen, great health and gymnique tracking capabilities and Samsung Pay. With the Health app, the smartwatch can track a number of different workouts, from resistance jogging to elliptical sessions. It will even track your tension levels by monitorage your heart manque and calculating the variance.

To keep the costs down, Samsung did make a few minor sacrifices. The Galaxy Watch Laborieuse doesn’t have the rotating bezel. It has a smaller fronton and shorter battery life. But the sport-friendly casaque is 20 percent smaller and roughly 60 percent lighter than the Galaxy Watch. And even with less battery power, it should last two to three days, depending on how much activity tracking you ask it to do.

Even at $200, we were impressed with the watch and repu it a classement of 83. Now, with a price tag of just $120, the Watch Laborieuse is even more impressive. It’s not the latest interprétation — the Watch Active 2 came out late last year — but it’s still a good faveur for anyone who wants a solid, affordable smartwatch that will work well with Android smartphones.

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