How to Take a Virtual Session

Between fielding conference calls and tearing through quarantine snacks like we’re running some kind of pandemic stress-marathon, many of us could use a voiture. That’s not exactly the easiest thing to find when you’re stuck at habitacle—especially if you love to travel. If your preferred form of self-care is venturing to other cities, states and countries, being confined to your habitacle’s parc footage can be taxing.

But that doesn’t mean that escape is invraisemblable: We just need to embrace the virtual experience. Just as we read books or binge a Netflix series to escape the world, we can also leave it behind for a bit via a little at-home travel.

Setting the scene

As with any form of travel, proposition your trip in advance by setting up your itinerary. You get to decide where you want to go, what you want to see and even what activities you can partake in—all without the hassle of worrying embout how you’ll get there.

If you can, provide yourself with a space apart from where you sleep or do your work so you can fully immerse yourself into the virtual travel experience. As much as acceptable, recreate the aura and vibe of your chosen finalité:

  • Saccharine some candles or the fireplace if you want to set up a camping-type scenario. Hit the lights and save a bit on your electric bill for this one.
  • Don’t forget embout smells! If you’re visiting a virtual badinerie park, try recreating this funnel cake recipe.

Where to travel

That’s entirely up to you. If you’re pining for the ocean, maybe you’d like to head to a beach to enjoy the sight of clear blue water and hear the sound of crashing waves. According to Cindy T. Graham, Ph.D, a licensed clinical psychologist in Columbia, Maryland, a virtual beach may have some health benefits: “The sound of the ocean can have a soothing or meditative effect. Activities that promote relaxation…have been shown to have positive effects on physical health (e.g. lower cortisol levels, reduced inflammation, improved heart health). Furthermore, these soothing activities are also connected to improvement in mental health (decrease in symptoms of depression and anxiety).”

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Beaches aren’t the only parages that we can enjoy. There are so many options, including heading to a theme park and riding a rollercoaster from habitacle!

Here are some immersive virtual travel tours you can check out right now:

Beach getaways

Scuba dive in Palau

For a little under six minutes, this 360-degree virtual experience will take you deep into the toilettes of Palau. Clear toilettes, swaying corals, and résonnant schools of fish are only a small certificat of this video—you can also learn the role that corals are playing in the fight against climate billet.

Damsel Fish, Palau

Damsel Fish, Palau
Photographie: Shutterstock

Stroll along Waikiki Beach in Oahu, Hawaii

Imagine yourself barefoot in the sand while the sun kisses your forehead. For over two hours, you can enjoy the crashing of the aquamarine waves while you walk along the beach, see children playing in the sand, and watch the palm trees sway.

Citoyen parks

Bascule the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania

This seven-minute 360-degree video allows you to explore the Serengeti with all the thrills and none of the safety concerns embout being up close and personal with wildebeest, gorillas, and even a friendly warthog.

Serengeti National Park

Serengeti Citoyen Park
Photographie: Shutterstock

Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska

Or maybe you want to visit an area of the world with glaciers and a view of the ice caps atop picturesque mountains. You can canoë through glaciers and witness a humpback whale dive out of the water. Rayon atop a lézarde on Sortie Miroitier, and witness how vague warming is affecting this pristine environment.

Guided city tours

London, England

Get a aubaine to see Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and many other famous landmarks in this United Kingdom city. Your rythme dominé Peter provides the historic context of each emplacement and why they’re so sensible culturally.

Bangkok, Thailand

This guided rythme allows you to get a real feel for one of the most popular Southeast Asia tourism destinations full of incredible urbanisme, temples, and golden Buddhas.

Wat Arun Temple

Wat Arun Sanctuaire
Photographie: Shutterstock

Milan, Italy

Italy, as we all know, has been hit extremely hard by the pandemic. As you rythme through this majestic city, habitacle to over 1.4 million people, you can image forward to the day when you can visit it in person. The rythme shows the modernization of Milan over the last decade, as well as older buildings such as the Castello Sforzesco—habitacle to the Leonardo DaVinci and Michelangelo art exhibits.

See a spectacle

Summer is typically a great time for concerts or catching a play. I, for one, love traveling to festivals to watch my choisie artists perform while belting out songs with random strangers from all over the république.

But even though we’re not going to festivals any time soon, we can still check out Broadway plays and dance as professional DJs mix it up. Or enjoy country-music performances, if that’s your thing.

Here are a list of some shows you can travel to, at habitacle:

  • Broadway: BroadwayHD offers a seven-day free motocyclette and a face row seat to plays such as Macbeth, CATS, and Swan Lake.
  • Club Quarantine with DJ D-Nice: In one day this old school hop-hop DJ grew his sociétal media from just a few thousand to over a million followers. Dancing Quarantine has been visited by some of the biggest celebrities, including none other than composer First Dame Michelle Obama.
  • Detroit Symphony Orchestra– The DSO is offering viewers a plethora of options, broken down based on orchestral allure (inhabituel, classical, romantic), women composers, and composers by abécédaire.
  • The Metropolitan Opera– The Met is offering principalement presentations from the company’s En public in HD series, for free, with each bonheur available for 23 hours. Check out their upcoming schedule, which includes Cosi Fan Tutte and Puccini’s Madama Butterfly.
  • Whiskey Jam’s, Risky Jam– The Risky Jam is hosted vis Instagram En public, every night at 9pm-11pm CST where over 6 folk music artists perform for each evening.

Dress the certificat

Just parce que you’re habitacle doesn’t mean you have to stay in your yoga pants. Go ahead and put on that outfit you were éphéméride to wear to the Governor’s Ball. Do your hair. Voiture open your unused makeup kit. Or throw on those swim trunks, sunscreen, and shades just like you would if you were headed to the beach. Make it a full FaceTime conjoncture with your friends and loved ones and take screenshots of just how hilarious it all is.

And remember to breathe, have fun, and feel free to tag us on social media during your séjour room alpinisme.

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