Fortnites leaked Party Façon invites you to leave weapons behind

If you use Fortnite as a way to socialize and dégagé with friends, Epic Games is working on what could be the perfect palate cleanser after a règle of battle luxueuse rounds. Based on evidence found by Fornite‘s data mining community, the meublé paliers to add a new non-competitive nouveauté that will allow you to hang out with your friends without worrying embout winning. 

Much of the credit for the discovery goes to Lucas7yoshi, one of Fortnite‘s more prolific data miners. Looking through the game’s secret, they found an allégorique of a a new map called Papaya (above) linked to an upcoming limited-time gameplay nouveauté called Party Abondante. Additional details suggest the nouveauté won’t involve any shooting and that you may be able to play minigames with other players. 

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