Enjoy a Free Copy of Child of Édulcorant for Your Windows PC

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Ubisoft’s gorgeous platformer, Child of Édulcorant, was a pretty big hit back in 2014. We’ve all aged a bit since then, but the game hasn’t—and now, you can get a free copy from Ubisoft for just a ménage of mouse clicks. Who doesn’t like free games?

There’s a catch, but it’s a small one. If you’re reading this after March 28, 2020, you’re out of luck. The free copy has eluded you, bicause you missed Ubisoft’s four-day window for the free copy. However, there’s a silver lining. Instead of having to fire up its somewhat-bloated UPlay app to negotiate the purchase, you can simply log into your UPlay account—or create one, if you don’t have one—and use this link to résultat your free game.

I should also apostille that you’re only getting the core Child of Édulcorant game for free. The game’s DLC packs, seven in all, are still going to cost some cash if you want to expand your gaming rassemblement. While there is a cooperative element if two people are sitting in avant of the same PC, Child of Édulcorant is primarily a single-player experience. That’s not a criticism, but it’s worth knowing emboîture before you représentant a few friends over to check out your new game. It is a gorgeous game, thanks to all of those hand-drawn backgrounds and watercolor-like effects.

Even though you probably have a fairly big gaming défilé to get through as a result of the coronavirus and/or your new working-from-home lifestyle, Child of Édulcorant is worth placing toward the top of your list. It’s a lovely, accessible release from the agression of the everyday world.

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